Hello, I am Jan Brady. I am an historian, a published author, an archivist and researcher.

Do you have letters, diaries, war records, post cards, formal documents such as birth, death and marriage certificates but don’t know how to use them for your family history?

Maybe I can help?

I can use the documents YOU have found either in your family’s records or when investigating your family tree – or both – and build the story of your family or one special member of your family, putting them into the history of their time for you.

Lately I wrote the experiences of an Anzac Digger from his War Memorial records, part of a letter from Gallipoli and one photograph of him.. You can see some of them below. The family received a major document, about 3500 words, which expanded on his experiences by using his war records and placed him in his historical context. His family gave this document to his daughter on the occasion of the 80th birthday.

portrait0001         naa-bc7355487-05       scan0006

I can do this for you too. A fee would be agreed upon depending on the number of documents and the type of research required to place your ancestor in his or her history of the time. The task above worked out at a cost of A$400 and for that they received a hard copy and an electronic copy of his story..

Your privacy is guaranteed.